Carl Junction High School

    Planning Guide 

     The 2021-2022 CJHS Planning Guide represents the earnest desire of the faculty, staff, and administration for every student to succeed.  Please consider this website a guide for planning your future.

     We are a school that takes great pride in all of our efforts to be the best we can be.  Our hope is that each of you will exhibit Bulldog Pride in all you do, including planning your future.  We challenge you to set high standards for yourself, select courses and organizations which will advance you toward your goals, attend class daily, score well on assessments, earn high grades, and work hard to achieve your goals.

    High School Administration

    Dr. Theresa Wilson, Principal

    Dr. Nicole Keller, Assistant Principal

    Rich Neria, Assistant Principal

    Kyle Williams, Assistant Principal 

    High School Counselors

    Teresa Boyer (Last Names P-Z)

    Kristy Jones (Last Names H-O)

    Sarah Neldeberg (Last Names A-G)


    The 2021-22 CJHS Planning Guide is scheduled to be reviewed by the Carl Junction R-1 Board of Education on November 19, 2020.


    CJHS Planning Guide